Project discontinued

This project has been discontinued. Read about the reasons here.

RaspCTL in numbers

  • Project lifetime: 2+ years
  • Downloads: 502
  • Total website visits: 24.000
  • Website visits last month: 1.862
  • Commits: 131
  • 2 Branches and 6 forks
  • +70 users emails
  • 2 articles in specialized magazines

What is RaspCTL?

RaspCTL is an application that lets you control you Raspberry Pi through a web interface.


The RaspCTL application is installed in your Raspberry Pi and you have:

The application in Alpha version. Brand new features will be added soon.

Download and install

Unfortunaly, the project is discontinued. I do not recommend to install the project unless you want to maintain it yourself.

Basically you have two ways for doing it. You can just run these commands and let the magic of a debian package happen:

# Download and install the my public GPG key
cat raspctl.asc | sudo apt-key add -

# Add my repository in the apt config file
echo "deb raspctl main" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/raspctl.list

# Update you repository and install the package
sudo aptitude update
sudo aptitude install raspctl

# Now you can access to the web interface browsing http://raspberry-ip-here:8086

Or in the hard way: get the code from the repository and install it yourself. You will find the instructions in README file. I repeat: hard way.


Check the documentation page for further information or see the changelog.


You are one of there guys that need to see the stuff before buy it, right?

Dashboard view
Foo bar?
Daemon management
Daemon management favorites
Commands view
Editing command
Webcam snapshot


I've done this project in my spare time. I encourage you to send me an email requesting or proposing stuff you would like to see in RaspCTL. The application RaspCTL is under GLP3 license.

Final note: It has been my first time bundling a debian package. It has been hard and I've tested a lot, but remember that this is a Alpha version and this software could break you Raspberry Pi (not pyshically, though). I'm pretty confident that anything bad will happen, but be warned. And of course if you have any problems, drop me and email and I'll do my best for helping you.